Who we are

MotionLabs designs, develops, directs and produces motion graphics, video and interactive content.

We are a virtual studio of networked talent based in the Washington, DC metro area with clients and partners throughout the United States and around the world.



Our Theory of everything

Everything moves. Despite the fact we're all traveling 483,000 miles per hour across the galaxy, our lives move in different directions with variable speed at any given time. Gravity is the force keeping us in motion, but we can also create our own force of gravity in powerful moments.

That's what we do at MotionLabs.

We create moments for you by setting the keyframes to make your paths, build your growth, and claim your space. A moment is more than just a measurement of time between two points for us.

Although we can't alter time [yet], MotionLabs can create the conditions and opportunities for making incredible connections. We're always innovating on discoveries from the past, we're always practicing what we learn in realtime, and we're always looking forward with an expert curiosity asking, "What if ...?"

We create in spacetime.


From our Founder

As a designer and an entrepreneur, I've worked in educational media, public broadcasting, video production and web/mobile product development for almost 20 years.

Having managed creative teams and projects for many companies - AOL, PBS, Accenture, Pew Charitable Trusts, U.S. Department of Defense, DC HealthLink - I recently decided to return to my roots as a motion designer, apply my lessons learned across a successful career, and launch a company dedicated to the art and science of motion - MotionLabs.co.

Nic DiPalma at TEDx Lewisburg, September 2015

We're a virtual network of connected storytellers, each with their unique expertise, designing together to create amazing experiences.

We have big visions for the future, but the connections we'll make and the ideas we'll share in this diverse group of geniuses will ultimately determine where and how far we'll go.

"Our work is hard fun."

  - NIC DIPALMA, CEO & Founder, MotionaLabs.co